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Fatty Friday – 285.2

Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

My new weight:


That’s a 3.2 lb loss!!


I was so hungry this week so I’m happy to see a loss!! There were a few times that I thought I was going to cheat, but I stood strong. I even walked into Family Dollar for a snack while I was at work and I was determined I was getting a chocolate bar no matter what!! I walked out with a beef stick (surprisingly that’s on the eating plan) and I felt better about my choice for it!!

Hubby lost 1.2 lbs!!

He’s bummed again and the nurse was a little baffled. Hubby is used to losing big numbers from before we started our decline (or should I say incline :)) and he’s close to giving up!! Let’s Hoot’nHoller for him again this week because he hasn’t given up!! This week, we are going to journal what we eat so they can look at it and see where we might be going wrong.

Nurse said we should probably eat more protein and I figure we should probably eat heavier early in the day rather than light at the first two meals and heavier at dinner. Who knows?!! She also said our bodies may not be responding as well this time because we started and stopped several times.

Link up with me and talk about your weight loss stories. Several people out there are struggling or succeeding and we ALL need encouragement from time to time.

Link up a post that you have written either about your struggle or with some words of encouragement or tips for eating healthy, working out, feeling satisfied… Be creative!!

There are no rules so if you feel it “fits” (ha!) then link it up!! If you don’t want to post and link up, just leave something in the comments!!

Then, go through and read each others blogs and encourage one another!!

This is all about support!!

Don’t forget to encourage me!! I need it!!

**Linky will remain open until Thursday at midnight**


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