Fatty Friday – 284.2

Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!

My new weight:


That’s a 1 lb loss!!

It’s a loss, but since it’s been such an off week, I wasn’t expecting much…


I wasn’t as hungry this week, but I haven’t really felt great. I’m always so tired and achy and it’s not really enough to go to the doctor, but Hubby keeps saying “go to the doctor!!”. I was craving Taco Salad a lot so we had it on Friday (I actually ate the shell, big no-no) and then Dad made tacos on Sunday, but I didn’t go outside the diet. Hubby made tacos one other day this week with lots of iceberg lettuce and salsa (in the diet rules!). 

Hubby had a 1 lb gain, but he also had been without his water pills for 4 days. He does that sometimes when he thinks we don’t have enough money to get them. He feels like he shouldn’t spend money on things for him when we are getting low on money. He’s a very sweet man, but I have to pay closer attention so he’ll take better care of himself!!

Speaking of that…Hubby cooked for our Life Group last night (Chef Boyardee Party – I’ll post that tomorrow, I promise!!) and it was against all his better judgment. 🙂 Hubby was a chef for 20 years and he was NOT thrilled about following the CB recipes, but people really liked the food and we barely had any leftovers!! I thought it was quite good (but NOT on the diet :(). He had to buy extra food that we wouldn’t normally buy for it, plus my antidepressants cost $70 this month because of my deductible…so we don’t have much food in the cabinets and little to no money to buy any until I get paid on Monday. And…I’m not really sure that he bought HIS medicine yesterday before buying the extra party groceries, so he may still be without…

I guess Fatty Friday just turned into Worry for the Weekend…sorry about that!! I probably just needed to vent.

I’m hoping this linkup will catch on eventually. I really want to hear how others are doing!! I want to know that you all are having successes for encouragement and hopefully soon I’ll have some successes to encourage you!!

Link up with me and talk about your weight loss stories. Several people out there are struggling or succeeding and we ALL need encouragement from time to time.

Link up a post that you have written either about your struggle or with some words of encouragement or tips for eating healthy, working out, feeling satisfied… Be creative!!

There are no rules so if you feel it “fits” (ha!) then link it up!! If you don’t want to post and link up, just leave something in the comments!!

Then, go through and read each others blogs and encourage one another!!

This is all about support!!

Don’t forget to encourage me!! I need it!!

**Linky will remain open until Thursday at midnight**


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