Don’t spoil your children!!

I wish I had a picture of my son this morning when I dropped him off at daycare to share with you, but I will just give this one to you instead:

This picture was taken at The Boy’s 3rd birthday party and he was sad because he was ready for cake and everyone else was still eating dinner. 🙁

This was not how I left him at daycare this morning!! One of his favorite things to do in the morning is take breakfast to daycare to either eat with me in the lobby or to take in his class and eat. Today, he had cereal and chocolate milk!!

On the way there, he talked about A and H, his two (friends who are girls ;)) and asked if they would be there. I told him, “maybe”, so he was content.

Well, A was there and she’s usually his 2nd favorite, but today he was happy to see her. So much so that he decided to share his breakfast. He sat down, pulled out a chair for her to sit next to him, and put some cereal on a napkin for her.

I kissed him on the cheek and said goodbye, but he did not notice. He was engrossed in a conversation with A about the new pictures on the wall and eating breakfast.

Really…this 3 year old boy and newly 3 year old girl, sitting at a table next to each other, sharing a meal, pointing at the things they both thought were cute, smiling, and laughing…did I leave my son on a date??!!! 🙂

The truth is that my son is just a sweet, kind-hearted, happy boy!!

Hubby and I are asked A LOT if The Boy is always so happy. Well, yeah, most of the time. He has always woken up with a smile on his face and sometimes continuing the conversation he was having when he fell asleep (he crashes in mid-sentence often). If he is a little cranky because he thinks he wants to sleep longer, just wait a second because something is going to enter his mind and that little head will pop up and say something silly and then the laughing begins.

The Boy loves people. He is passionate and wild and fast and fun and silly and loves to make people laugh. He smiles ALL the time, except when he’s screaming. He runs in circles, hugs dogs, waves at pretty girls, spontaneously hugs people (mostly people he knows, but last week he hugged the pizza man). He laughs at funny things on TV, he likes to be tickled and loves it when Daddy tickles Mommy.

At church a few weeks ago, Hubby and The Boy were playing ping pong and a little girl came up to me and said, “why is your boy so happy all the time?”. It makes me a little sad that this girl is not as happy all the time…

Why is he so happy all the time? Mommy and Daddy love him to pieces!!!

The Boy was born 3 weeks early and he made up for it by sleeping for about the first two weeks. I had to wake him to remind him to eat, but other than that, he slept through everything. Hubby and I would lay him on the bed and look at him, almost hovering over him, waiting for him to wake up. When he did, we would tickle and play and talk and read books non-stop for the ten minutes he was awake…and then back to sleep he would go.

That is a picture of how our family works. The Boy is our life. We spoil him ROTTEN!! But the spoiling is not necessarily with “things” (although he does have a lot of toys) but more with our love and hugs and kisses and attention!!

He smiles all the time because WE smile all the time. He is silly because WE are silly. He enjoys Phineas and Ferb because WE enjoy Phineas and Ferb…oh, sorry, got off track there a little. 😉

Hubby and I have a pretty great relationship and we enjoy our alone time (together) very much!! We try to take time to have a date or get The Boy to bed early enough so that we can have time together. We talk, we take lunch together every day, we text each other through the day. The Boy is not completely our life, but he is lead to believe that when he’s around.

I think that some people will probably say that he should know that he is not the center of our universe and that he should know his place in the order of our family. But…this is what works for us…and something must be working because that boy is HAPPY!!



Psalm 127:3
New International Version (NIV)
Children are a heritage from the LORD,
offspring a reward from Him.



Okay, I’ll admit that The Boy has his moments…
Just minutes before sharing his breakfast so kindly with A, he was “playing” by spitting in my face (like a zerbert, not a real spit) and before that he was telling his daddy that his sippy cup “tooted” in his mouth. Before we left the house, he was yelling about not taking a shower and not getting dressed and not eating breakfast and whatever else he could find to yell about.
But, at least he’s a good sweet boy…in public…
 I am joining Joan at the Grace Cafe today with Praises to the Lord for my little family.

 What a gift God has given me!!

What gifts has God given you through your family?


  1. So cute!! We try to spoil both of our kiddos as much as possible. We definitely give them more love than they can handle and they are always laughing/smiling/giggling wherever we go!


    • janet says:

      I love spoiling kiddos…and why shouldn’t they be happy??!!!

  2. Joan says:

    Hi Janet – it’s a pleasure to see a happy child. I believe that children can sense when there is tension in a home and the reflect it. Likewise, a happy home makes a happy child. I was blessed to have loving, caring parents. My brother teaches school (high school age) and he says there are so many sad stories of children that are basicially on their own. He and I often talk about how blessed we were to have the parents we did.

    PS – Like the new blog look!

    • janet says:

      There was a time early on when Hubby didn’t have a job and then he had to train in Louisiana and The Boy was newborn and things were not good. I think that was the only time The Boy was cranky and hard to console. There was much tension to feel back then…

    • janet says:

      PS – THANKS!!!

  3. Linda Akins says:

    God has given me an adorable and unbelieveably happy little great nephew! Along with a whole passel of other cherished relatives. I am so grateful!

    • janet says:

      We do have a wonderful family, don’t we… 😉

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