Come along for the ride…and Post #100!!

I am joining Shanda for On Your Heart Tuesdays…


I wondered and wondered all week what would come to me this morning for my Tuesday morning post. At times it is easy to know what’s on my heart and I look forward to Tuesday morning, but other times I don’t know what I’m going to write until I arrive at the computer and it just comes out.
Today, there is not much that is heavy on my heart. God is providing for my family and we are thanking and praising Him and trusting Him with our lives. Things are good!!
Like last week, I dropped off The Boy this morning and he was thrilled to see “his” A!! Today, he wanted to dance with her. 🙂 She was walking into daycare just as we were so he was beaming!! Waiting at the door to be let into the classroom, he whispered to me, “A needs want hug me, Mommy”…so they hugged. A’s mommy was smiling (thank goodness!) and we talked about what good friends they have been for so long.
That is not what I want to talk about, though, because I want to celebrate that…
This post is post number 100 for my blog!!!
It’s so fitting that I’m hitting another milestone with this post and that it is an On Your Heart Tuesday post because I have been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog lately.
When I originally thought of starting a blog, it was because I was reading lots of couponing, frugal life, deal blogs and I didn’t see many that had deals from Brookshires grocery store. You all may know that Hubby and I credit Brookshires to a large degree for saving our marriage and our family.
(If you didn’t know that, read this, this, this, and this ;))
I thought I might be able to provide extra deals specifically for Brookshires because it is considered to be a more expensive grocery store and Hubby and I have learned how to shop the sales and use coupons to get some really great deals.
The more I thought about it and read coupon blogs, I realized that I could not keep up with the thousands of blogs and decided to go a different direction altogether. I talked to my aunt, who has always encouraged me to write, and she suggested that I look at my passion and what I know best and suggested a child safety blog!!
I loved the idea and started brainstorming and trying to think of a blog title.
Then, I decided to take a week off from work and launch this site!! The name is just a phrase that I use often (it annoys Hubby ;)) and I just thought it was funny. I had many, many ideas of posts about safety and child protection and started researching other blogs that appear to be in that genre (there aren’t a lot) and I wrote a few safety posts.
I wanted to get my blog out there so I did a few blog hops and talked on Facebook some and then things started changing. I met a really great friend early on (actually when she was starting about a week before me) and we started sharing tricks and talking about how much we didn’t know about blogging.
I came up with an idea to start a Newbie Blog Hop for those of us who have been blogging under six months who can encourage one another and gain followers together. It’s been really fun to meet all the new bloggers and people are getting more excited about the hop!!
When I was looking for hops to join, I started learning about memes and found Shanda and Shell and Joan and there are so many more that I wish I had time to write for!!
I started writing my family story and sharing more about family life and I’m really enjoying that!! I still have a passion for child safety, but with the blog title that I’ve chosen and the excitement gaining over encouraging newbies, I think the safety aspect may be better served in it’s own blog. I’m considering starting a separate blog about that, but I’m not sure that I have time to devote to it as much because I really enjoy this blog and where it’s headed!!
Starting this Friday, I’m starting a new series and linky about my Weight Loss Journey and I’m hoping that builds some followers and I feel more encouraged to stick with this eating plan!!
I’ve also begun to enter more and more Giveaway events and that is a blast!! People get so excited about them (as do I because I love winning!!) and the bloggers I’m meeting through this are really awesome!!
I’m learning about product reviews and have pitched to several companies for sponsorship (this is pretty nerve wracking) and I got a response from a company last night that said they could probably sponsor every event I have planned at the moment!! That is amazing!!!
So, this is where I’m headed at the moment. I don’t where my little blog, my hobby, my baby, will take me in the future, but at the moment I’m having fun!!


  1. Shanda says:

    I look forward to see where exactly to head with your blog. It is true, there do seem to be many coupon sites but I personally have not seen a child safety sight. And you would have a huge market with all the moms out there: and all the mommy community blog sites.
    I need to lose about 35 lbs but don’t have the motivation to start right now. I’m afraid if I join your hop then it will be very depressing 😉 I’ll think about it though. My before photo might just stay the same and I’ll be jealous of the rest of you losing weight 😉 I LOVE your button though. The name makes me laugh out loud! I’ll put it on my blog hop page!
    Thank you for linking up.

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Shanda!! I’m a little concerned that people won’t link up with the Weight Loss linky because of those reasons, but hopefully they will find some encouragement and get brave eventually!!

      When I picked the name for my blog, I was being silly, but I actually hear often that people will click on my link or button “just to see” because of the name…clever marketing without even knowing it!!

      Ohhh…I’m realizing now that you meant the Fatty Friday button!! I have so much fun when I make buttons. I need to learn how to make them faster and then I can start selling my talents. 😉

      Thanks for adding it to your hops…that’s awesome!!

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