Top 10 Theme Park Safety Tips

Yesterday at church my 3 year old son asked to go potty so we went into the Ladies restroom and he went into his favorite stall. He then promptly told me to go into my own stall because he could do it “by myself”!! Since we were at church (a small church, actually) I was okay with that. Since I had to GO…I went to my own stall. He did just fine, of course (he does this all day long at daycare), but I was caught off guard by it all!!

I asked in my WELCOME post for ideas of what you would like to see with regards to Safety Tips and my new bloggy friend, Kristin at The Clever Neighbor, suggested I talk about Theme Park Safety. With my experience yesterday and the thought of Theme Park Safety, I almost gave myself a small anxiety attack thinking about taking my child to Disney World (Hubby is already begging!!!) and the thought of The Boy wanting to show off his new independence in the Happiest Place on Earth. Ugh…I HAVE to stop thinking about this!

Top 10 Theme Park Safety Tips

Top 10 Theme Park Safety Tips

1. Stay cool, and don’t get burned.

2. Be aware of what is around you.

3. Stay away from where you don’t belong.

4. Know your limits.

5. Know your health.

6. Don’t cheat.

7. Stay in to stay safe.

8. Ride ‘er easy, cowboy.

9. Help the kids!!

10. Alert staff about problems.

Check out the list for full explanations and further safety tips!! The author of the Top 10, Robert Niles, is also the owner of the website, Theme Park Insider, and was formerly a host at attractions at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The site provides reviews on Theme Parks, Hotels, Travel Tips, Deals for Tickets, and a Discussion Board where you can connect with others for questions and comments on your traveling experiences!!

I know that some day I will have to let my son go into the restroom alone 🙁 and worse than that, I will have to take him to a theme park – most likely Disney!! – so I’m going to be prepared with all the tips I can find to better ensure his safety and my own peace of mind!!

What trips are you taking with your children? What do you do to keep them safe?


  1. Kristin W says:

    Those are great tips. I suggest you also look up the rides that are air conditioned so that if you want a break from the heat you can get a nice break that way.

    • janet says:

      Great thinking!! Opposite would go for the winter months…my sister used to go to Disney every winter for her daughter’s soccer tournament!!

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