The Period of PURPLE

Due to my day job, I am always hearing about the frustrations parents go through to raise their families when they haven’t been given the proper support and education. Traumatic Head Injury (formerly Shaken Baby Syndrome) is much too common. I have to admit, my son was one of the easiest babies (and is truly an easy toddler/big boy) that I have ever known. He was jaundice for a couple of days, but he never was really fussy or colicky and we are truly blessed!! Most families are not blessed with this peacefulness and as much as you prepare for a new baby coming into the home, it can still be overwhelming.

The Period of Purple Crying is a new program that is hoping to help better educate parents on what to do when baby is crying and it seems never-ending. One of the first points this program makes is that THIS IS NORMAL!! As a new mom, I was terrified of the term “colic” because of the stories I have heard about crying that is never-ending, inconsolable baby, and the frustration parents go through when there is no answer. The site explains that “colic” is often misunderstood and makes parents feel as though their new baby is ill or something is wrong. The program has developed a diagram to better explain the characteristics that baby will display during the first 3 to 4 months of his life.

There is LOTS of good information on this site and I recommend this for anyone who is expecting, knows someone who is expecting, has a new baby who is less than 6 months old, or just wants to learn more about this program!! I know I will be following now. A semi-hidden resource can be found on the Articles and Authors page where you can find a short bio on the authors of the program and website. With each author’s bio, there is a list of other articles they have written, most related to Infant Sleeping, Swaddling, and other related topics. I was thrilled to find this many resources in one place and wish it wasn’t hidden!! Hubby and I are trying for baby #2 and I don’t think the odds are that we will be blessed with TWO easy babies. 🙂 I’ll definitely be perusing this site for months to come. I also signed up for their NEWSLETTER!! Even more exciting… There is a campaign on this site  (gone viral by bloggers like us!!) that is looking to better promote The Period of Purple. Take a look at Purple Knitted Hats Campaign for more information and how you can help!! Here’s some pics to pique your interest. 🙂

Also, quite exciting… Attn Dads!!!! There is a special section on the site for Information for Dads!! I love this!!! Fathers are the ones who want to “fix” the situation for their newly overwhelmed wives and this resource lets them know their feelings are normal and their efforts are worth it!! The section has articles on bonding with baby and getting more involved. There is even a section for Military Dads!!! Go check out The Period of Purple and let me know what you think!!

Did you have an easy baby or an inconsolable baby? What tips would you give a new mommy for this time in their life?


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