Safety At Home

Do you know all the dangers that are hanging out in your backyard? A few weeks ago, Hubby, The Boy, and I were headed outside to play and low and behold there was a snake by the back door!! We have two dogs and even they didn’t see it or pay it any attention!! I was the first to see it and Hubby almost didn’t believe me until I scooped up The Boy and ran into the house!!

In any case, I did most of the dirty work by killing the thing with a shovel (or at least until it could not move) and then Hubby chopped it into pieces once it was incapacitated. Ugh!!! Okay, so that was not really where I was headed with this, but this is what I wanted to tell you about:

Go visit Safety at Home and check out their Backyard Safety IQ. I earned a Grill Badge and a Sunshine Badge, but did not get all the answers needed to get my Bugs Badge…boo!!

You can also find them HERE on Facebook and play the Backyard Safety IQ – or HERE on Twitter!!

** Come back and let me know what badges you won – and – what new information you learned from the website!!


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