Puddle Jumper (Review)

My three year old LOVES water in any way, shape, or form that he can get it! Last summer he could not get enough of the pool, but wasn’t quite sure about going around the water in a float. We bought him a little blow up float and some arm floaties and he was content, but this year we tried something new (actually, by accident!). I was feeling generous (and rich, I guess) one day when we were in Brookshire’s waiting for Hubby to get off work and The Boy saw this Puddle Jumper…He thought it was hilarious and asked if we could buy it. Now, it’s his “floaty thang”!!

orange Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper (Review)

Just a few days after we bought it, we went to a church group function at our pastor’s house and swam in their pool. This was the first time we had been swimming (aside from the small pool in our backyard) since last summer. I put the float on The Boy and was amazed!! He asked me to take him off the steps and into the water deeper…and then pushed away from me!!! I was floored (well, not literally as that would have put me at the bottom of a pool in 3 feet of water) but he was so proud and giggly and floated all over that pool!!

The Puddle Jumper is a styrofoam-type material and the cover is woven polyester. The arm floats are attached to the front panel with a small amount of fabric so the arms can move around freely. The front panel wraps around the chest area, but is not so thick that the child can’t move around comfortably. Then, there is a buckle in the back that can be adjusted so the float fits securely.

Check out all the cool patterns at Stearns Floaties and Kids Life Jackets!!!

Safety features include: Type V US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket with Type III performance and Coast Guard Approved!!

We bought our Puddle Jumper at Brookshire’s, but they can be found for sale on the Stearns website as well as Amazon, Target, WalMart, and sporting goods stores.

It is definitely worth the money and your children will love the confidence and comfort as they learn to swim!!

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation or product for this review. I simply bought the float, loved it, and decided to share it with you!! I am going to email a link of this post to Stearns; however, so they know I love their product!


  1. Great review Janet. Looks like a great item! Your Boy has his independence in the water now. What confidence that must give him.

    • janet says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

      He loves it so much that he wanted to sleep with it!!!


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