I have been telling my family’s story on Wednesday’s for Pour Your Heart Out and I mentioned yesterday that Hubby is getting a little frustrated with my lack of positive posting about him. I’ve said it before, but I want you all to know that


Let me just tell you what he did for our family this week!!

He had two days off (Tuesday and Wednesday) and he told me that he was going to be cleaning around the house.

Due to his back pain and recent promotion (hence, exhaustion!!) and my depression, we have let our house GO!!

When I say we let it go, I mean there have been times when I was afraid for anyone to even pop by to say hi – or sell us something or bring pizza or whatever – because I would be so ashamed of the nastiness in our house.

As some of you may know, I work for Child Protective Services in Texas and I have read cases that would describe a nasty house…and they might be cleaner than what ours has been in the recent weeks.

(Okay, I might be exaggerating a little here so please don’t call CPS!! :))

Back to Hubby…when he said he was going to clean, he meant it!!

He cleaned our house – SPIC AND SPAN – from top to bottom, room to room, inside and out, down to the last dirty blanket, sheets, socks, little boy’s underpants…


After the first day, I came home from work and I could just feel the tension coming out of my shoulders. I walked in to a clean kitchen, bedroom, laundry going, and so on. That was nothing compared to what I came home to yesterday!!

My dad and stepmom are remodeling their living area and they gave us a ton of furniture, most of which had been sitting on the carport to air out (they smoke inside, we smoke outside) but mainly because we just haven’t moved it into the house. It’s been out there for two weeks now.

All of the furniture is in the house now!!…and in the right places!!!

We have an extra bedroom in our house that I have been using for my clothes and storage for things that we will most likely sell in a garage sale. It’s been sitting in there for over a year – and I haven’t been hanging up my clothes lately just laying them out of the floor – and the room had become a pile (similar to a mini-hoarding situation).

The new extra beds are in there – set up – and the clothes are picked up and the room is ready for extra company!!!

You guys just don’t know the Joy that is singing in my heart!! I can feel no stress, no anxiety over “when will I ever have time to do this”, and I have such thankfulness to my husband for knowing what I need and wanting to do that for me!!!

If you are following our story on Wednesdays (part 1 and part 2 – 3 and 4 to come) then you will already know that only God could make these changes in my husband and provide for our family the love and closeness we have!!

Today, I want to sing Praises to God and say Thank You to my husband.

I am truly Blessed!!

P.S. My Praises also be to God for the RAIN He gave us yesterday. The Boy and I ran out in the rain (me in my bare feet) to splash around the driveway and feel the cool rain!!

P.P.S. Although just a slight bit muggy, Praise be to God that the heat is beginning to lift…even just slightly…and even if just for the morning hours!!



  1. Joan says:

    What a true gift your husband gave you…and what an honor you gave him by spreading the news of his love and kindness!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Joam

  2. Wow! How awesome is that?! Hope you have something special planned for Hubby in return. What a dear man!

    • janet says:

      I think The Boy and I will do something special while he’s at work on Saturday…hmm…wonder what it will be?!!

  3. Joan says:

    Hi Janet – wow, what a blessing to come home to a clean house. I admit to not being the best housekeeper in the world!

    Yes, we are singing praises for the rain also. Much is needed to relieve this drought, but I can sense a change in the weather – the temps aren’t as hot. (I never thought I would say that 101 is cool, but compared to 110, it is.

    Thanks for linking up today!


    • janet says:

      Thank YOU so much for hosting…it is really such a blessing!!

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