Now What?!!

I have been so worried about getting the blog to look pretty, I don't know where to start.

I have emailed my top 10 FAVORITE blogs to ask about adding buttons on my page (I know the pages say "grab it" but I just thought it would be nice – and some of these bloggers I feel like I know already :)) and now I have added the ones who have responded.

I have so much going through my head that I want to blog about, but I don't know where to start.

Plus, Hubby will be off work in an hour and wants to go grocery shopping and I haven't put together my coupons and shopping list and then it will be time for The Boy to come home and I promised him crafts tonight (gotta pick up construction paper).

I need to go to CVS for soda (on sale AND I got a $10 ECB for answering a survey on Sunday for the CVS Advisor Panel) but I don't want to step foot into CVS until I have THAT list together.

So…I have to stop playing on the computer and do something different…but I don't wanna (**whiny voice)!!

BTW, if anyone sees anything WONKY going on with my blog or the few links I've put up, will you please let me know!! I'm still learning.

In fact, I can't figure out how to get the most recent post to show up on top… :-P  

Okay, weird…this one DID end up at the top of the page…


  1. Thanks for being the first person to enter my giveaway at Raising Knights!

    Regarding prettying up blogs, I really like the tutorial for making your own headers with photos here:
    I’ve used Picasa and Picnik to make all of my headers and buttons so far.

  2. Don’t worry about making your blog look pretty or comparing it to other peoples blogs. Your blog needs to reflect you as a person.
    Mine is pink because I love pink and I’m a girly girl.
    I have to admit, I have pinched a few ideas from other blogs that I thought would suit me. I have signed up with Amazon associates who pay you if people click on their links and buy stuff from Amazon. But mostly I’ve added stuff that reflects me.
    Yours looks great!

    I love how the Americans can make loads of savings with coupons and stuff. We don’t really have that much here.. Stores have loyalty cards and then send you coupons twice a year to spend in the store, and you can ocassionally cut out coupons from magazins, but no where near to the extent you can in the US. When I stay at Marilyns I love going through her coupon magazines! I can see how you would get hooked. I’d be terrible if I lived there! I’m going to follow your links before I come and print loads out to take with me to do the grocery shopping! lol.

    Keep blogging….

    • Oh, wow!! I didn’t know you didn’t have as much access to coupons in UK…hmm!! I will have to show you my coupon binder when you are here!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement on the blog too!! Did you see your button under my favorite blogs???!!!! Next time I shop at Amazon, I will definitely click your link!! I have been using Swagbucks and winning $5 Amazon cards as well as entering Giveaways to win Amazon cards…so we’ve been shopping quite a bit on there lately!!

  3. It looks great and it should like you had a busy day! My hubby has been sick all day :(


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