Laying low this weekend


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I don’t think I’m going to Hop this weekend and I probably won’t post either…

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Playing with The Boy!!!!!


When he’s napping or when Hubby and The Boy are asleep, here’s what else I’ll be doing:

1) Catching up on the Blog Hops I entered all week!! I have lots of really great blogs to visit!!
2) Planning my Newbie Hop – ironing out the details!!
3) Reading all the great comments you all are going to be leaving for me!! Right??!! 🙂

**Super ideas for comments**

– I need a Header for my blog and I can’t decide what to do! Make my own? What will it look like? Hire someone? Who? Find a free one online? But which one?

– I want the posts on my home page to be summaries rather than long drawn out posts that you have to scroll through to see what’s next (I can get wordy – and I like pics – if you couldn’t tell) but I don’t know how to change that. Anyone else know?

And for the more fun ones…

– What are you doing this weekend?

– If you were home alone with an active 3 year old boy, how would you entertain him all day??!! (Seriously, I need ideas here!!)


  1. Tara says:

    Do you use Blogger? If so, I know how to change your post format to only show the first portion of the post. But if you’re not using Blogger, then I have no idea!

    • janet says:

      No…I should have said that. I’m on WP!! 🙂

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