I love CVS (and a treat for me)!!

Hubby and I went grocery shopping before picking up The Boy yesterday so it went pretty well.

We shopped at Brookshires, picked him up, then ran to Kroger for the cereal/milk deal (that was a great deal!!). Kroger had Diet Coke on sale, but I knew CVS had it almost the same so I decided to wait and I would go to CVS alone this morning.

I got this really great email for being a CVS Advisor on Sunday. I answered some questions about the CVS and Walgreens' ads and (voila!!) they gave me a $10 ECB coupon!!!

So, CVS has 12 pk Diet Coke on sale 4/$13, then you get $3 ECB back.

The Boy needed pull-ups (hopefully this is the last pack!!) and the Pampers Easy-Ups were on sale – Buy 1 for $8.99, Get $1 ECB back.

So…I sat in my (non-air conditioned) Jeep for a few minutes to look at the deals to maximize my savings and here's what I got:

Transaction #1 (4) 12pk Diet Coke – $13 Used my $10 ECB Total: $3.25 (Awesome!!! I got 48 sodas for $3!!!!) Got $3 ECB back…

Transaction #2 (1) Bic Shimmer Refill, 4ct – $5.99 Used $3/1 coupon (SS 7/10) Used $3 ECB, adjusted down to $2.99 Total: $0, nada, zilch, nothing!! Got $3 ECB back (yahoo!)

Transaction #3 (1) Pampers Easy-Ups – $8.99 Used $1 coupon (I think it came from the mail…?)** Used $3 ECB Total $5.40 Got $1 ECB back (I stopped there so I still have this :))

**I tried a $2/1 Pampers coupon from the 7/31 P&G, but it didn't work…not sure what that was about.

I scanned my CVS card at Big Red and got a coupon for a free Kotex U pantyliner, 18ct, but my store was out so I'll have to keep checking with them. I don't think it expires until next week or longer.

So…I thought that was a great shop (and kinda "off the cuff" too) and I treated myself to a Sonic Diet Coke with Diet Cherry (I was delighted to see that flavor listed!!).

Do you shop CVS?

What is your favorite deal this week (and have you previewed next week yet)?

Would you have done these transactions in a different order?

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