This is me!! { About JanetGoingCrazy }

I’m a Mommy of One Handsome Little Man.

I’m married to Hubby, former Chef turned Butcher.

Hubby was raised Jewish and has accepted Christ as his Savior.

I work for the State of Texas, and love what I do.

I have a passion for Protecting Children.

I love to talk about Safety Tips for Children and Families.

I have a knack for finding Free or Affordable Resources for Families.

I have this new hobby/obsession with Couponing and Giveaways.

I love to have Fun with The Boy, with all types of Silliness, Crafts, and Events.

I like to share my Life’s Little Lessons, in hopes that someone else can avoid making the decisions I made that made things more difficult for me (notice, I did NOT say “mistakes” – trying not to believe in them).

I love using (parentheses) when I write (mostly because my brain works faster than I can type or I have a million things I want to say but don’t know where to put it all).

I love Dogs and Cats and the Color Pink.

I want a Baby Girl so bad!!

I’m a Big Nerd, have moods that can sometimes appear to be slightly wacky.

I’m Extremely Shy!!

I have no sense of Time, Direction, World Events, or anything really…

I’m just Random…

and that’s what this Blog will be about some/most/all of the time.

Where am I going with all of this?

Are you interested?

I’m Going Crazy…Wanna Go??!!


  1. […] I began reading blogs in April 2011 when the coupon craze hit. Hubby and I had watched the show and I did a Google search to learn how to use coupons effectively and I came across a blog. That blog lead me to another and another and then I discovered giveaways and then these moms were talking about their kids and I love talking about my kid. I wanted to start a blog!! I knew I need focus so I decided I would blog about my passion, Child Safety. […]

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