Fraggity Frag Frag Frag…

I need to start a journal for this Friday Fragments Thingy-ma-jig

because it sounds like FUN!!!


Mommy's Idea

  • This morning The Boy decided he didn’t want to go to daycare so he very convincingly told us, “Daycare is closed!!”


  • The Boy had a poo poo accident at daycare yesterday when we had told him that he would go in the potty so he could go see Smurfs (or Snurfs, as he calls it). When I told him he wouldn’t be able to go now, he said, “We gotta hurry to Papa and Granny’s so they can take me!!”


  • Hubby gets paid on Thursdays so we often go out to eat on Thursday nights. Last night we went to our favorite Chinese buffet and the two hostesses were so enthralled with The Boy’s smile they were hanging on his chair during most of our dinner!! He’s such a charmer!!


  • I participated in my first Twitter party last night for #sleepnumber with @Texasholly, @SleepNumberSara, and @SleepGeekPete!! It was fun, but amazingly fast!! Hubby said it looked like my head would explode!!


  • On Monday, The Boy had a poo poo accident at home (I should probably stop calling them accidents and just admit he’s not completely potty trained :() and Hubby told him that he needed to be a Big Boy and go in the potty. The Boy said, “I go poo poo on Tuesday!”. When Hubby told him that “tomorrow is Tuesday”, The Boy quickly said, “I go poo poo on Friday!!”

Hmm…looks like I’ll be working on more potty training this weekend. I think I see fiber vitamins, apple juice, and lots of potty time reading in my future!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. We have a favorite Chinese Buffet too – – – only we went on Wednesday night!

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