CVS Craziness!!

I'm feeling especially sleepy today so I stopped at lunch at CVS to get a Starbucks Double Shot energy drink. I only had $2 in cash so I used $1 ECB and the darn thing was $2.59 – expensive new addiction!! In any case, my favorite cashier was there and she LOVES couponers. I had a FREE coupon for Kotex U liners, 18ct, from last week that is expiring tomorrow!! My CVS has been out so I asked her if there was a possibility that they would get any in before my coupon expires. I love this girl, and here's why…She promptly offered me a raincheck and wrote that I had a coupon for FREE and said keep checking back!! She said she has one too and she's bummed that she may not get a FREE one. 🙁 I wasn't extremely concerned about it because I rarely use liners so I may just give it to her once I redeem my raincheck. 😉 **Eventually, I will figure out how to put pages and categories on my blog and I plan to have a "series" called CVS Craziness – because I LOVE them so much!! Share with me your love of CVS and any Crazy deals you've found there!! (I realize this wasn't a Crazy deal, but eh…) 😛

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