Coupon Blues

Yesterday was a little different for my family.

Hubby was home from work and we had a dedication for our new sanctuary so we needed to bring a side dish or dessert and be there at 10am.

Saturday night I forgot to make the brownies that I had promised I would make so The Boy and Hubby got up, made the brownies, and then made us all breakfast (I love my boys!!)…

Well, we ended up getting out of the house later than we expected but made it to church for the celebration. The Boy was able to play a little ping pong with Hubby (he’s quite good, actually) and we stayed for the lunch after.

About the time we turned onto our road I realized it…

We didn’t get a Sunday paper!!

I’ve had the Dallas Morning News delivered to our house and I haven’t paid the bill yet (totally my fault, I know!!) but anyway…

We didn’t have the $3 or so it would take to get another paper at the store and usually by 1 or 2 our stores would be sold out anyway.

So, I’m lamenting today with no P&G, no SmartSource, no RedPlum.

I have a few friends who have given me their inserts off and on since I started couponing, but they have given them to someone else already for this week.

I might have to go to Coupon Hero in a few days and order some…

How addicted to coupons are you? Have you ever forgotten or missed out on a week?

This hasn’t happened to me since April 10, 2011, the second week I started couponing. Does the fact that I still remember the date tell you how much it traumatized me??!!


  1. Nicole says:

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s just such a horrible feeling to lose out on making money 😉 After one week that I didn’t get the Sunday paper and I missed out on some fantastic deals, I kicked myself then promised never again to miss out getting a paper; so to never go thru this again I began my Coupon Jar. This is where I put any loose change or a few dollars in at a time. so when its time to pick up a paper and see how many Im going to buy. I have the money already there! It has saved my couponing sanity lol

    • janet says:

      What a great idea!!! Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

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