Calling All New Bloggers!!

I’m a newbie, you’re a newbie, let’s be newbie’s together!!

I am going to be starting a NEWBIE BLOGGER link-up next week…but I need your input!!

Here’s how it’s going to work: I’m going to pick a day of the week and open up a linky. New bloggers (less than 6 months old) can link up and we’ll all hop to each other’s blogs. We’ll comment and support each other and all the newbies who continue to join us. Each week I will pick a linked up blog (through and I will promote that blog for at least one week (although you’ll probably stay on my blog roll and I’m not going to just desert ya!!). I will provide some mentoring through my learning experiences and we’ll all learn together!!!

I think I’m going to have everyone link to a post to talk about their newbie experiences – maybe have a writing prompt or something…not quite sure… I want to get some of the bigger blogs involved so BIG BLOGS or EXPERIENCED BLOGGERS, send your ideas of how you can help with the mentoring.

More details to come…

Now, here’s what I want to know from those who are interested:

1) What day of the week would you prefer?

2) Would you prefer to have a writing prompt or just talk about a newbie experience each week for the link-up?

3) Any other thoughts, comments, suggestions, complaints, rants, venting, praises, advice, accolades for coming up with such a brilliant idea…? (sorry, I got carried away :))

4) If you have a good pic or image that would make a good button for this linky, please email it to me at janet (at) goingcrazy wannago (dot) com!!

Just leave me some comments here or on Facebook…and we’ll get it rolling next week!!

Tell all your newbie friends!!!



  1. Katrina says:
    • janet says:

      Awesome!! I should have the details up by Tuesday and have the Hop on Wednesday!! I’m getting excited!!!!

  2. Kristin W says:

    1) Pretty much any day is okay for me. Whatever works for everyone else really!

    2) Not to sure about what I would want to write about. Maybe try both and see which one is more preferred by everyone overall.

    3) I think it is pretty awesome what you are doing!

    • janet says:

      Thanks!! I’m excited about it!! I don’t claim to know anything about blogging, but I figure a place to gather and share newbie stories couldn’t hurt!!

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