An exciting moment for Newbies!!

In honor of Newbie Blog Hop Day…

I want to tell you a quick story and I hope you get as hyped up as I am at this moment!!

Today, I was feeling a little blue about my blog and wondering where it was going or if I really even wanted to do this…

Then, I clicked on Facebook to find 700 FANS!!!! I jumped over to tell my friend – The Clever Neighbor – only to discover that she has 500 FANS!!!!

We announced a while back that when we reached 500 together that we would have a Giveaway. So, guess what??!!

We’re Planning a Giveaway!!!

Saving Common Cents – our biggest promoter “back in the day” (haha :)) – has decided to join us and we’re looking for more sponsors now!!

SPONSORS – We are an exciting group who would LOVE to promote you for this

FANtastic Milestone (hey, this might be a good name for the event…)!!!

Now…let me tell you the story…

Once upon a time (haha!!) there were two Newbie bloggers just starting out. The Clever Neighbor began building her blog and Facebook page on July 11, 2011.

By July 31, 2011, she was ready to blog her heart out!! Kristin (the sweetest blogger EVER) has been The Clever Neighbor bringing you the greatest deals ever since!!

Around about August 1, 2011, Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! (my little tornado brain child) had been brewing for quite some time… I was looking around on Facebook for some great deals and Texas Coupon Chicks told me about a NEW deal finder and I went over to The Clever Neighbor’s Facebook page to say “Hi!”.

Here’s what I said…

(I really need to change that profile pic on my personal Facebook page :()

The very next day, Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! was up and running and The Clever Neighbor helped promote it. Along came Saving Common Cents – seemingly out of nowhere, but really out of the kindness of her heart – she started promoting us and tagging us and helping us build up a fan base!!

We love her!!

Kristin and I have become pretty good friends “behind the scenes” and I am so happy that we have “met”. That’s the quick and dirty story and now what??!!


We’re still working out the details but our plan is to have it up and running by Friday, September 2, which would be my ONE month-iversary (I really wish that was a word!) so stay tuned… And, if you don’t already follow these pages…go do it NOW!!!

The Clever Neighbor

(blog) – (Facebook) – (Twitter)

Saving Common Cents

(blog) – (Facebook) – (Twitter)

Texas Coupon Chicks

(blog) – (Facebook) – (Twitter)


If you’re a Newbie blogger or thinking about becoming one – grab a friend right away and hold on tight – it’s a FUN ride, but you gotta have friends!!!


  1. CONGRATS!!! Good for you ladies – you should all be very proud of yourselves 🙂


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